Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Personal Update On The Use and Results of the DIY Laundry Soap

Well i've used the laundry soap several times now and i'm totally happy with it. The clothes come out clean and smelling fresh even without the use of liquid softener. I am also a big fan of the fact that each load only requires 1 tablespoon of the paste. So not only is it affordable to make it's also very efficient when you think about how much you're using for an entire load of clothes!

I will also be handing out samples of both soaps to 7 friends to let them try it out tomorrow. The only thing i've asked of them in return is to write me some short reviews so that I can post them here. I wanted to get a perspective from different people in different homes that way the environments varied and I could really see if it would work for more than just myself. I'm very excited to know what they all think :)

I also made my first batch of liquid hand soap today and so far i'm pleased with how it's turned out. Not only does it smell fantastically but it's a great consistency. I did change the recipe I found slightly to see if it would change the consistency issues that she was having and so far it looks like i've done it. Can't wait to make my mason jar soap pumps and start using it! I will post about the soap pumps as well as that's a whole other project by itself <3

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